Stephen Spinks

Computer Games Development 1st class honours graduate from the University of Glamorgan.
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Final Year Project

For my final year project I created a system which demonstrates mass spring particle systems. I researched, designed and developed this system over the course of my final year. I chose to develop the system using C++ and OpenGL in Visual Studio 2010. I decided to demonstrate cloth and added natural forces such as gravity and wind. A simple collision detection function was also included. Information about all three stages in this project can be found in the documentation. The video below shows a demonstration of the final application

If you would like to know more about this project, the following resources can be downloaded
Documentation (pdf)
Poster(high quality(16.4MB)/low quality(926KB)) (jpg)
Presentation (pptx)
Application (zip)
All of the above (zip)
The application requires OpenGL 3.3 to run correctly

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